10 things you didn't know about practically everyone


An archive you’ll want to bookmark

[Dtoid community blogger Morty compiled every 10 Things blog he could find into one handy place. What a guy! –Mr Andy Dixon]

Hello, my fellow Dtoidians. If you’re like me, then you love to read the more personal blogs about our awesome Destructoid community members. There are, for example, the introduction blogs a lot of members write before tackling other topics concerning gaming and such. And there are the Community Interviews that are graciously hosted by handsome and eloquent members Everyday Legend and Opiumherz.

And then there are the 10 Things blogs, of course. Compact lists of random facts written by users about themselves. Sometimes deep and sad, often funny, always pretty interesting and insightful.

Since its inception there have been three major surges of 10 Things (and one straggler), the latest of which started just this May after Conor Elsea kickstarted it again and Andy Dixon posted a Community Assignment about it.

And this time around I finally took it upon myself to compile a list with (nearly) all 10 Things blogs that were ever written on Destructoid. Over 200 posts were done by community members over the years and even some (ex) staff members joined in on the fun. Anyone wanna publish a book?

Some older posts have broken pictures, and all of the legacy comments have vanished, but all in all this is a pretty solid collection of the 10 Things blog trend that was started by SilverDragon1979 in 2009.


2009-007-8BitBrian (formerly Dick McVengeance)-A New Challenger-AgentMOO-aimlesssoybeanplant-Alasdair Duncan (formerly Ali D)-Andrew Benton (formerly power-glove)-Ashley Davis-atheistium-Atlas-Ballistic-Barcode-Batthink-bbrig1-Ben Perlee (formerly Topgeargorilla)-Bill Platt (formerly ChillyBilly)-Black Nexus-blehman-bloodylip-bluexy-Brian Szabelski (formerly NihonTiger90)-Brian Szabelski again (formerly NihonTiger90)-brosef-C2C Shiro-Chris Carter (formerly Magnalon)-Colette Bennett-Conrad Zimmermann-Coonskin05-Count Grishnak-CountingConflict-Cowzilla3-craineum-CronosBlade-CWal37-Dale North-Dao2-SKP-digtastik-Dimly-Diverse-Drel-ebbsnone (formerly nebones)-entrager-eryn13-eternalplayer2345-EX35-F Whipple-FAILCAST-Faith (formerly Christina Faith Winterburn)-fetusmilk-Funktastic-Furyfire-Fusiontr-garison-Gen Eric Guy-Genki-JAM-Gibbo

Please enjoy various hand-Googled “ten things”-pictures to break up the text

-GrumpyTurtle-Guagloves-GuitarAtomik-Half left-Hamza CTZ Aziz-Haxan-Hemarroid-Hollie Bennet-iconsam-IronPikeman-jackal27-Jamie McGinn (formerly The Young Scot)-Jesse Cortez (formerly Tactix)-Jesus H Christ-Jim Heine (formerly Redface)-Jim Sterling-JoeCamNet-JohnnyViral-Jonathan Holmes-JRisJunior (formerly Fleet3000)-JTHomeslice-junglistgamer-Justice-Kayka-Kazooaloo-Kif-Klipsched-Knivy (formerly Knives)-Krahsh-Krow-Kupo (formerly Krow)-lastSKYsamurai-liam2015-linuxguy-lovemana23-madninja-Mar Vell-Mari Monzo (formerly VGMari)-Maurice Tan (formerly Professor Pew)-McSnow-mid3vol-Mikey-MissHinasaki-mistic-mix-Monodi-Mr Gilder-myaimistrue-nademagnet-naia-the-gamer-Naim Master-NegFactor-Nick Chester-Niero Gonzalez (MR DESTRUCTOID)

The more you know

-nilcam-nintendoll-nukka jdav-Overcrowd (formerly Aurion)-PappaDukes-pascuz46-pendelton21-perfect chaos-perri-PK Starstorm-Projectexodus-PsychoSoldier-Qalamari-ran24-randombullseye-Red TheHaze Veron (formerly Redzie)-Rider Chop-RiotMonster-RonBurgandy2010-ryu89-SakuChan-Samit Sarkar-seigfried-Shin Oni-sickNasty-SilverDragon1979 (the very first 10 Things blog on Destructoid!)-SilverDragon1979 again-Simon (formerly Gemsi)-sleepingagain-SnakeDude4Life-Solivagant-Spiderty-Steel Squirrel-Sterling Aiayla Lyons (formerly Palidi)-superezekiel-sylphx-taumpytears-Technophile-Tehmtnlion-Teta-The GHost-the Golden Avatar-TheExcel-thefil-Topher Cantler-trueb7ue-Tubatic-UmarifficCKizzle-Vitamin Awesome-Vlambo-vonneuton-wardrox-WastelandTraveler (formerly Dyslixec)-wilbo-Xaren-Xhumation-XYU-Y0j1mb0-ZeeJayTL-ZeroTolo-ZombiePlatypus-Zombutler


Could actually be interesting…

2012-apolii90-Arch649-AwesomeExmachina-Batthink again-bbain-Beyamor-Bill Platt again (formerly ChillyBilly)-Brett Zeidler-Cataract (it says “more things” — I guess because of this post here)-Chris Carter again (formerly Magnalon)-Conor Elsea (formerly Jon Bloodspray)-Corduroy Turtle-Dr Rainbow-falsenipple-Fame Designer-flintmech-fulldamage-garethxxgod-Gobun-GrimmTrixX-Guy Gamer-Hound of Hades-hushlorentz-knutaf-Kyousuke Nanbu-LawofThermalDynamics-Morty (hey, that’s me!)-Mr Andy Dixon (formerly M Randy Dixon)-Nihil-Occams electric toothbrush-Olo Nexus-pedrovay2003-Perfidious Sinn-PK493-Sean Daisy-Sephzilla-Shredded Angel-Skyscraper-Stephen Beirne (formerly Byronic Man)-StriderHoang-Swishiee-The Silent Protagonist-The Villainthropist (formerly jebussaves88)-The White Rose-Tobiichi-TriplZer0-Tubatic again-Wolfy-Boey-Wrenchfarm

Probably would teach that to my son as well

2014-AceFlibble-Adam McDonald-Blue Lion (formerly Last Scion of the House of Blue Lions)-Beccy Caine-BoomingEchoes-Brittany Vincent-Brittany Vincent again-Bwabwa-CaimDark-CaimDark again-Conor Elsea again-dagiarrat-Dreamweaver-El Dango-Elsa-EnoSachran-Epic-Kx-gajknight-GlowBear-GoofierBrute-Gray Time-GrimmTrixX again-ima420r-Isay Isay-Jibberwocky-JoeDiamond101-JT Murphy-KeithTheGeek

The description said “Ten things NOT to do when drunk”. Somebody must be fun at parties then

-long john-Luna Sy-Marche100-Nekrosys-Nihil again-Occams electric toothbrush again-ooktar-Opiumherz-Paradox me-pedrovay2003 again-PhilKenSebben-Pixielated-pk fire-ponderingsloth-Reinhold Hoffman-RenaudB90-Salvador Sandoval-SeymourDuncan17-Siveon298-SK120-Solar Pony Django-SpaghettiOReilly (formerly TotenKreuz)-StriderHoang again-taterchimp-TheDustinThomas-Thumb Scar-Tonich-TurboKill-UsurpMyProse-Zer0t0nin


And that’s all of them! Should you know of a blog post that I inexplicably missed, feel free to post the link in the comments or send me a PM. I will add it later on.