10-Yard Fight is back on PS4 and Nintendo Switch


Madden ’83

The pretro-fans at Hamster have re-released another game from the dawning days of the arcade onto modern platforms, as Irem’s 10-Yard Fight is available today on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Upon release in 1983, 10-Yard Fight received praise for its detailed sprites, a far cry from the matchstick men of previous football simulations. The player, perpetually on offence, runs the quarterback upfield, with options to either pass to the running back, a receiver, punt or attempt a field goal. That’s pretty much it for your play choice, Montana.

This Hamster release is a port of the original arcade, which features no defensive play. Players simply attempt to score a Touchdown, with each further attempt increasing in difficulty. When 10-Yard Fight was ported to the NES, defensive play was added, alongside a two-player mode.

10-Yard Fight is available today on PS4 in Japan and on Switch worldwide, priced around $7. Fine for completionists, but don’t forget what other titles are in the Hamster catalogue for the exact same price.