$1,000 seems like an awful lot of money for a Nioh statue


Ni-Oh, I can’t afford it

Team Ninja’s Niohwas a strong effort that had a legitimate claim to being one of 2017’s very best titles. It’s a beloved game, which means that it has its share of devoted supporters. But how many of them are willing to drop a grand on a dang statue?

Prime 1 Studio, a company that specializes in making realistic and expensive collector’s statues, has a prototype for a new $1,000 piece that’s based on Nioh. It has protagonist William Adams kind of hunched over while guardian spirit Saorise hovers over him. It’s big, too — measuring about two feet in height, width, and depth.

This particular statue will be kept to a run of 750 made, so it’s in somewhat-limited supply. Also, it’s not expected to ship until summer 2019. But, that won’t affect the 99.99 percent of you who have no interest in $1,000 statues.

However, a less lavish hobby is clicking through all the stuff Prime 1 Studio offers. Like, check out this Alien 3Xenomorph that’s no longer available. Or this half-size $2,000 T-800 from Terminator. Some real cool things that I could never reasonably afford.

Premium Masterline NIOH William Deluxe Version [Prime 1 Studio]