$200 price cut brings HTC Vive down to $599


Is that low enough?

That recent Oculus Rift price reduction and sale must’ve moved a lot of on-the-fence VR adopters into action. Today, HTC is following suit with a significant permanent price drop of its own for the Vive. Previously priced at $799, the virtual reality headset will now cost $599 going forward.

It’s still an expensive purchase, to be sure, but when you’re building or even upgrading your PC to handle VR, every dollar counts. $200 off the Vive price tag can go a long way.

I’ve only recently gotten a desktop powerful enough to do VR well, and at this point, it’s not so much a matter of “Do I go Rift or Vive?” as it is “How long can I hold out for a second-generation headset?”

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