343 is working on a complete Halo Waypoint redesign


For both the site and the app

It’s been a treat following along Halo Infinite‘s development these past few months. After a lengthy period of secrecy, 343 Industries has been making good on their word to deliver regular updates for the game, including a gigantic recent tome of what’s to come for Halo Waypoint (the tracker and app for the Halo series). Namely, a Halo Waypoint redesign.

The team provided us with a work-in-progress render of the new concept, which is looking much sleeker, and will provide more info for players. Here’s the gist of what they want to accomplish: “We want to reduce overall friction and give everyone as much flexibility as possible to get to the content and features they enjoy the most. One of the ways we are doing this is by elevating the app into a platform of sorts. Within the companion we plan to support not only Halo Infinite, but Halo 5 and all the latest additions to the Master Chief Collection. We will also be providing access to all the latest news and have plans to experiment with some social features further down the road, so there’s still plenty cooking even after launch. It’s really a companion app of companion apps that we hope will be your connection to the Halo ecosystem on mobile.”

If you’re remotely interested in app or graphic design, the entire thing is worth reading, as it gets insanely in-depth with some of the nitty-gritty of the rework; which will apply to both The Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite. Even the logo is changing!

As a reminder, they’re still aiming for a fall release for Infinite.