911 Operator for Nintendo Switch looks way too stressful for me


Sends my micro-management into overload

Polish developer SONKA has released trailers for their next game, which hits Nintendo Switch in just a couple of weeks. Although it’s definitely a very novel and intriguing idea, it might be too much for my fragile little heart to take.

911 Operator is a management title that sees players don the headset of the first port of call to panicked individuals forced to call up the emergency services. Putting your patience, efficiency and micro-management skills to the test, players will receive an array of emergency calls from all over the city, and must handle them as quickly and as best as possible, whilst sending out the required services to the site of the problem.

With calls ranging from street crime, house fires, car wrecks and medical emergency, and over 900 cities, 140 reports and 12 services at hand, it will be the players responsibility to maintain composure and best assess the situation – giving advice over the line if needs be – while ensuring the appropriate rescue squads are sent into action to save the day.

That’s an excellent and unique idea for a video game, hopefully it will translate as well in execution as it does in theory. My own micro-management skills are top notch on a good day. But in this case, man, I’m not sure if I want the chaotic, lives-in-the-balance responsibility, even in a fictional environment!

911 Operator will be made available for download on Nintendo Switch October 26, alongside two budget expansion packs Special Resources and Every Life Matters. Just try not to send the Coastguard to a home invasion.