A madman created perfect LEGO replicas of Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns from Overwatch


Morirse, morirse, morirse

If you couldn’t tell by thedeluge of Reaper headers that I’ve snuck into Overwatchheaders this past seven months or so, he’s the character I gravitate towards the most. His outflanking close-combat style really appeals to me, and he’s remained a pretty balanced and competitive character since launch (typically appearing as a mid-tier character on lists if you’re into that sort of thing).

As it turns out ZaziNombies, master LEGO crafter, is a fan as well, and created his Hellfire Shotguns in real life with around 1,100 pieces. They clock in at roughly one pound each, and for extra authenticity, he made the mask too — oh, and the shotguns have dart launchers in them.

It’s insane to see how inspired people have been from this series not even a year into its lifetime. I’ve seen so many Overwatch cosplays at random events, and pretty much all of them are created with love.