A Profound Waste of Time available for preorder


A celebration of the industry we love

As many of you already know, A Profound Waste of Time is a limited print magazine that includes contributions from Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight), Rami Ismail (Ridiculous Fishing/Vlambeer), Toby Fox (Undertale), and our very own Jonathan Holmes.

This whole project is the love child of a Destructoid user, Caz, and it looks absolutely gorgeous so far. The fact that something bred from our own Community has gotten so huge brings a fucking tear to my eye. The list of talent involved is downright daunting, and all of the artwork I’ve seen so far has been spectacular.

The initial round of preorders sold out, but stock has been increased, and the fancy Glow in the Dark Edition is back up for sale as well. I have it on good authority that these physical editions are the only way you’ll be able to experience this. There are, in the words of Caz himself, “No plans for a digital release currently.” That means it’s now or never.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy for yourself, you can check the details out right here. Quantities are extremely limited, and the magazine has already increased stock once. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was it. It’s a cool slice of video game history, and it’s supported by some of the most influential figures throughout the indie scene.

Basically, it’s pretty fucking rad.