A restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia is selling a Venom-inspired pitch-black cheese


Do the words ‘charcoal infused’ tempt you?

Now, I know what we all thought when we saw the Venom trailer: “Boy, do I want to eat Tom Hardy.” Not the person Tom Hardy, no. He looked at his absolute most edible when the tar-like symbiote spread across him like a fine… cheese.

Yep, definitely cheese.

Does the thought of having a molten chunk of asphalt on top of your burger just make your mouth absolutely water? Well, then you’re in luck, because Willie Brothers in Jakarta, Indonesia has you set.

Since last week, they’ve been running a promotion where you can get this special mozzarella cheese, which has been “charcoal infused” to give it that delectable pitch-black look. And I have to say, I’m tempted to try it.

Not enough to fly to Indonesia, mind you, but I do want it. Just a little. I want to rub a fry through it and know what it’s like to eat a bit of a symbiote. I never knew I wanted that, but this is what the internet is for. The cheese at least looks more tempting than the Burger King black burger. I wonder what color this will turn your poop. Carnage red?

Restaurant in Jakarta pays tribute to the Marvel Symbiote with new “Venom Cheese” [Bloody Disgusting]