A Way Out creator Hazelight is bringing its next game to EA Play


I hope it’s another co-op romp

Hazelight is airing “a short tease” for its next game during the EA Play Live stream on June 18, according to studio founder Josef Fares. It’s said to be “an experience like you’ve never had before.”

A short tease about the next game on #EAPlayLive 18 june. Don’t miss it!

— Josef Fares (@josef_fares) June 15, 2020

I’m not sure what to expect from EA Play – last year’s showing was all over the place, and this year’s event is contending with remote-work constraints – but I’m interested to see this project take shape.

If you played Hazelight’s last game – the ridiculous (in a good way) co-op prison-break adventure A Way Out – I think chances are high that you’ll want to check out what the team has been busy building.

Last we heard, “It’s not triple-A big but it’s bigger than A Way Out.”

Josef Fares [Twitter via USgamer]