Absurd Zelda: Breath of the Wild gitch allows you to ride Prince Sidon


I can see this just being patched in

Players have discovered yet anothercheeky glitch in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and this one involves everyone’s favorite fishy prince: Sidon.

For those of you who haven’t played the game, Sidon is one of the key NPCs that allows Link to complete his quest in the Zora realm, and he caught on with the community almost immediately as one of the most popular characters in Breath of the Wild. Sadly outside of the story bits there isn’t much to do in terms of interacting with him: until now, that is.

Said to be discovered by Twitter user Foo_Sing, the glitch allows players to ride Sidon around like a mode of transportation. Foo_Sing has provided instructions here, which basically involves getting killed on purpose at a specific checkpoint near Divine Beast Vah Ruta. If you want instructions in English, YouTuber Any Austin has you covered.

We can only hope Breath of the Wild 2will bless us with years and years of amazing harmless bugs like this.

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