Adorable indie mascot fighter Indie Pogo will make you jump jump


The miggity miggity miggity Mac Daddy

Lowe Bros.’ Indie Pogo just might be the neatest thing I’ve seen lately. This Super Smash Bros. adjace platform fighter takes mascots from some of the biggest indie studio efforts like Bit.Trip’s Commander Video, Freedom Planet‘s Lilac, Rivals of Aether‘s Orcane, and Shovel Knight, who’s slowly making his way into every videogame ever.

What differentiates Indie Pogo from other platform fighters is the neat twist of never staying still. The characters will auto-jump, which forces players to not only be aware of their surroundings constantly, but watch out for opponents who can either jump on top of them or knock them off of the stage.

There are currently 50 studios lending their properties and characters to Indie Pogo, so I can’t wait to see what the final product holds. Indie Pogo is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, with stretch goals intending to port the game to multiple platforms should it be successful, so check out Lowe Bros.’ Kickstarter or donate if this grabs your attention.