After 23 years, a new and official Dizzy game has been released for free


Made in the 90s, but never quite hatched

Way, way back in the dark, unknown past of the 1980s, Codemasters published the Oliver Twins’ hit series Dizzy for platforms like the Sinclaire ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC. Starring a sentient egg who had to save his friends, the last proper Dizzy game to come out was in 1992… which was before I was even born. Yikes.

Well one day, the Oliver twins were rummaging through their loft when they found the design documents and files to a long lost and unreleased NES title called Wonderland Dizzy. Thanks to the series’ surprisingly active and passionate community, the Oliver twins and Codemasters were able to get the ROM running in a browser emulator.

Now, decades after it was made, Wonderland Dizzy has finally been released for free. It’s considered to be the newest main series Dizzy game and has had some tweaks including wider language support and an infinite lives mode to make things a bit easier.

You can watch the video talking more in-depth about Wonderland Dizzy’s discovery up top, or you can go to the official website to play the game in your browser for free on their website, which also fabulously looks like something from 1992.

Now if you egg-scuse me, I need to hatch some newegg yolks to finish this news post off. I shell return once I have thought of them, as I’m convinced they’ll crack you up.