After all these years Shy Guy's face has finally been revealed


Shy Guy unmasked in Mario Power Tennis

Have you ever wondered what was under the Shy Guys‘ masks from the Super Mario Bros. series? I have. I care more about what these guys look like than even what is hiding underneath Master Chief’s helmet.

[Spoilers: He is a chiseled white guy from the nose down as revealed in the Halo 4 legendary ending.]

The cat has finally been let out of the bag due to what I can only assume is modding of the GameCube’s Mario Power Tennis, a game in which Shy Guy’s mask falls off during his celebration cutscene as seen above. Typically this is the only thing players can see, but now the truth is laid bare for all of us and not just Luigi.

What’s under the mask

This only leaves me with more questions. Is that another mask? Are the inside’s of Shy Guys just an infinite black void of nothingness? How does the mask fill the eyeholes with said blackness? Why do Shy Guys wear a belt if they don’t have on pants? What is the meaning of life?

[Images via SuperMarioBroth]