AGDQ 2015: A crazy difficult and intricate Super Mario Bros. 3 glitch that clears the whole game


Starts at about 54 minutes

The Awesome Games Done Quick conventions are always full of memorable highlights for the gaming community. Timeless classics cleared with mind-blowing proficiency. What’s not to love about that?

Speedrunner mitchflowerpower completed his warpless any-percentage play of Super Mario Bros. 3(which was fascinating in its own right), before asking if he had time to take a three-to-four minute long-shot crack at a convoluted glitch. When done correctly, it’s supposed to send you directly to the final screen where you save the princess.

The odds of success weren’t high though, as mitchflowerpower described it as “one in a billion chances of working.” That makes sense given the incredible precision required. It starts right around the 103-minute mark. You can probably guess the outcome given that it’s being posted, but it’s pretty marvelous to watch first-hand.