All Destiny 2 players can try Gambit on September 1


It might be time for a reinstall…

I’ve been waffling on Destiny 2, but this is too tempting to ignore. Just ahead of the Forsaken expansion, Bungie will give all players trial access for the new PvPvE invasion mode Gambit on September 1.

Barring any incidents, you’ll have 24 hours of playtime starting at 10:00am Pacific.

The expansion’s new armor and weaponry look swell, but Gambit is what I’m here for above all else. If you aren’t feeling the Crucible, you might dig it too. To quickly sum up the basics: two teams fight enemies in their own separate area, collecting motes and banking them to summon greater threats for the opposition. Gambit is a race to see who can bank enough points to summon and ultimately clear a boss, and for extra spice, you can send one of your own to invade the other team’s world.

What little I’ve played of Gambit struck this ideal balance of being more exhilarating than normal PvE while also being less frustrating than regular PvP skirmishes. So, September 1 — mark that date!