All the Batman: Arkham Knight deals for this week's launch


Price takedown

After a few delay and hiccups, the Caped Crusader’s newest titleBatman: Arkham Knight releases tomorrow on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game lists for the usual $59.99, but on PC there are a handful of deals for up to essentially half off (from authorized retailers no less).

Over at GMG, they’re tossing up a40% off Arkham Knight specific code that chops the price of the Standard Edition down to $36 and Premium down to $54 (although we assume the 10% instant discount on the Premium Edition will disappear tomorrow on release).

Over at DLGamer and GamesPlanet, they have GMG beat in the Standard Edition pricing. French-based DLGamer offers a $32.99 price tag,while UK-based Games Planet has the game at£21.99, which translates to $34.79 in USD (as of writing). They’re both solid prices for what’s expected to be a solid title.

Consoles aren’t completely left out, although the applicable game deals below are only good until tomorrow morning. (They usually turn things over at 8 to 10AM Pacific.)

    PC Arkham Knight Deals:

    (All the deals above are Steam keys for the PC, which is live as of Monday night 9PM Pacific).

    Console Arkham Knight Deals:

    Arkham Knight Xbox One Bundles

    For those looking for an Xbox One along withBatman: Arkham Knight, starting Tuesday, June 23rd, several retailers will be offering Arkham Knight as a free game choice when you buy an Xbox One. The Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Amazon will all be participating in a Microsoft-led offer which gets you a free bonus game of your choice. The offer is only good this week and ends on June 27th.

    (Arkham Knight won’t become a free game choice until it’s released on Tuesday.)

    Pre-ordering Arkham Knight

    The big P word!

    Until tomorrow morning, the console versions will continue to receive the $10 bonuses mentioned above from their respective retailers. (The PC Premium Edition’s 10% instant savings will probably also disappear until the next major discount on the title comes around.)

    All pre-orders include the Harley Quinn DLC pack: four challenge maps, and you’ll get to play with the character in question as a prequel of sorts to the Arkham Knight game.

    For those without the time (or money), we’d just wait the 4-6 month period for the inevitable GOTY Edition and/or discounts on original versions. In terms of a “Complete Edition”, we suspect the Premium Edition will come pretty close in that regard, since WB has confirmed it’s tossing in all those retailer-specific timed DLC bonuses for the Premium Edition.

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