Amanita Design's silly new adventure Chuchel is out in March


I love this cherry-holding gelatin guy

Between Samorost, Machinarium, and Botanicula, Amanita Design knows a thing or two about crafting odd adventure games that are creative, smile-inducing, and easy on the eyes. The studio’s latest, Chuchel, looks like a particularly goofy good time. It’s due out March 7, 2018 on PC.

Described as a comedy adventure game, Chuchel sees the titular hairball hero and his rival Kekel “facing numerous puzzles and challenges on their quest to retrieve the precious cherry.” This trailer is more tone-setting than anything, but the screenshots below show what the game’s going for.

Amanita says the iOS and Android versions “need some extra development time.” Q2 2018’s the goal.