An easy guide to the things NOT included in Super Mario Maker


No frog suit, no buy

Super Mario Maker has been making me think dangerous thoughts about buying a Wii U. It just looks so charming and sweet that I’ve been secretly generating rationales and excuses to myself to go out and blow a few hundred dollars I can’t afford on it. If only there was some kind of bucket of cold water, some small complaint I could focus on that would keep me from making a terrible mistake.

Wait a second, there’s no Frog Suit in the game? Guess you didn’t want my money after all, Nintendo.

This image (full size) shows all the terrain types, enemies, and items that didn’t make the cut in Super Mario Maker. Some of them I understand (I imagine sloping terrain would be hard to implement, and who gives a shit about red coins) while others seem like crazy omissions. Really, no Tanooki Suit? For shame.

Honestly though, looking at this list just makes me appreciate the sheer breadth, scope, and variety of the series. The idea that Super Mario Maker can be so undeniably chock-full of stuff and still miss a bunch of classic enemies and tile sets (without being obviously apparent) is a testament to how much Nintendo has done with Mario over the years.