That seals it, Gyroids are my one true obsession in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


The time of purification is at hand

After a couple of nights with Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, I’ve figured out my new obsession: Gyroids. My house doesn’t need to look lavish, my island doesn’t need to be a stunner, and I don’t mind that I’m missing a few deep-sea creatures in the log. What I absolutely do need, however, is to collect as many Gyroid varieties as I can manage.

After getting my first Gyroid as part of the quest to recruit Brewster (and subsequently construct The Roost), I was already starting to feel the collection urge coming on. And the more I played, the more that feeling grew. Now that I’ve made the mistake of seeing what other players have been up to with their Gyroids in New Horizons, I’m smitten.

Of course, Gyroids aren’t brand new as of Animal Crossing: New Horizons — I’m just feeling their liveliness more than ever. Take this entrancing K.K. Metal Gyroid setup, for starters.

Gyroids doin’ KK Metal, featuring an oblivious old man photobomb. from AnimalCrossing

Or this Bubblegum bop from Reddit user r4nd0x.

Bubblegum and the Bois from AnimalCrossing

More than just hypnotically dancing to tunes, the Gyroids can seamlessly and pretty creatively blend into their surroundings under the right conditions.

I hung an aluminoid lower on the wall and it looks like I am making a robot ? I think this way to merge gyroids and other items could be an interesting way to design spaces! from AnimalCrossing

Some of these funky furniture friendos look strangely familiar.

i just got my first gyriod.. and it reminded me of something xD from AnimalCrossing

And saving the best for last, there’s this ingenious scene from ragepowder12 that can only be described as a Gyroid dark ritual using the Magic-Circle Flooring and Candles Wall.

Bruh… I have no words from AnimalCrossing

So much of the game is about self-expression. That said, I really want a Gyroid cult, too!

The urge to try and collect ’em all is one I’ll have to fight, which is honestly business as usual for Animal Crossing — it’s hard not to want to burn through all of the 2.0 content as quickly as possible. I can’t let that completionist tendency take the fun out of the Gyroids in New Horizons, though. I won’t do it. I mean, I totally will, but I’ll feel guilty about it!