Another Switch hardware update, and still no more themes


Can we get folders too?

Nintendo Switch themes…is it too much to ask for? Or at the very least, maybe rename the themes section to something else: don’t give us hope.

So the Switch just got an update last night, catapulting it into version 13.2.0. That’s a pretty radical number, so there must be radical changes, right? Nope! It’s another case of “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

Slowly but surely, we’re getting some basic features over the course of multiple years. We got button mapping in 2020. We got Bluetooth audio in 2021. But we’re still missing two notable features: Switch themes and folders.

I know a lot of people don’t want themes because “why would you want to play around in the OS anyway on a Switch?” Barring the fact that some people do like using console/portable OSes, let’s just concede that for a second. At the very least, Nintendo should remove the “themes” moniker and just call them “dark/light mode.”

But even if you lack the empathy for theme-enthusiasts, I’m sure you can relate to folder demand. Sure you might not have a ton of games personally, but what about folks who have hundreds of titles living on their Switch? Who will comfort them at night when they have to manually flip through every game listing instead of picking through a few folders: a feature the Wii U had, mind.

In case you forgot, there’s plenty of fan-created versions of Switch themes and folders, like the one below, which is one of the more universally celebrated mockups. It’s about time they went official!