Anoxemia finds horror at the bottom of the sea


Add drowning to the list of things to be terrified about

The thought of dismemberment and/or mutilation freaks me out, for sure. The thought of instead being stuck at the bottom of the ocean with a dwindling oxygen supply evokes a different kind of terror. Sure, there will probably be much less pain, but there will be so much more time to contemplate the end. There will be the knowledge that nobody will ever find traces of the body. There may even be hope of survival, which makes eventual drowning even worse.

That’s what Anoxemia appears to be going for, at any rate. No over-the-top gore is shown in the trailer; there is only the panic of being alone in the dark depths, searching for a reason behind the predicament and for a way to the surface.

Anoxemia was approved for Steam Greenlight and will be available for Linux, Mac, and Windows on January 16.