Apex Legends' newest character 'Crypto' can be spotted in-game


But don’t blink…

It’s been a hot murmur for some time that Apex Legends players are waiting on the arrival of the battle royale title’s new hero, currently known as “Crypto” (following a clue datamined from the game’s code). While there is no date for this new character’s release, it appears that Crypto is already making their presence felt in the Apex Legends universe.

As reported by VG247, The Apex Legends subteddit is starting to fill up with reports of the tech-headed new hero being spotted in the Labs, located in the far east of the map. Kicking down a seemingly innocuous door inside the underground bunker will lead to an abandoned laboratory, where a lone figure can be seen busying themselves at a bank of computer monitors. Almost as soon as they are spotted, however, the figure makes for the exit, with a cute little drone in tow.

This character is almost definitely the new kid on the block, already typified by their cyberpunk look and love of tech and hacking (some of the tech in the Apex Legends world is already on the fritz, no doubt further teasing Crypto’s arrival). While there is no date for this character’s entrance on the grand stage, it’s a strong possibility that they will arrive alongside Season Three, expected sometime later this year.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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