Apple TV games forced to support Siri Remote


Controllers cannot be mandatory

When Apple announced the new Apple TV last week, the company indicated game designers would be able to create experiences that require third-party controllers. This would have allowed for games with intricate control systems, opening up a bounty of possibilities for gaming on Apple TV.

However, the company has since made an about-face on the subject, deciding to require developers to support the set-top box’s packed-in Siri Remote, which relies on an accelerometer, gyroscope, and touch surface — a not exactly ideal set of inputs to manipulate most console-style games.

Dedicated gaming controllers can still be used as an option, but their functionality will be hamstrung by the limitations of the Siri Remote, which, again, Apple is requiring its developers to support.

It seems the company would rather Apple TV owners be able to play the device’s entire library of games without needing to purchase any third-party equipment than sell games with more complex inputs that only a subset of the user base will be able to play. So maybe the doomsday prophets out there predicting this machine spells the end for dedicated gaming consoles should cool their jets.

Apple will release the new gaming-enabled set-top box in late October, startingat $149.

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