Arkanoid meets Art History in Mondrian


Piet a peck of pickled puzzles

I grew up watching my mom master two video games in particular, Super Break-Out and Pengo, both on the the Atari 5200. Sadly, they don’t make many games like either of them anymore. The brick-breaking action genre pretty much peaked with Nervous Brickdown, and the top-down action-puzzle genre hasn’t really been the same since Lolo’s last adventure.

Given their current obscurity, most of the people who care about either genre today are more than likely to find video game history equally facinating. That might make Mondrian a perfect fit for its target audience, as according to this commercial, it’s both a top-down brick breaking puzzle title and a lesson in the evolution of video game aesthetics.

Its coming to Steam tomorrow, though the ad here shows it being played on a classic Gameboy. It’s the kind of game that I see doing better on handhelds, so hopefully it’ll make the jump to the 3DS, PS Vita, and smart phones sometime in the future.