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Ash-Greninja returns as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Smash

Go go Greninja

Ash-Greninja is a sort of fan favorite among Pokemon anime viewers, and it even made an appearance in the games by way of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. It’s coming back in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

As a special form of the regular version of Greninja, this one simply wearsAsh Ketchum’s signature hat. Previously Greninja’s Final Smash (Secret Ninja Attack)involved an anime-esque aerial barrage to the backdrop of the moon, but now it’ll tie-in a cute reference.

And that’s pretty much it! Nintendo has been dropping little breadcrumbs for Smash all over their official website, from new tunes to tiny details regarding fighters and assist trophies. The latest rundown involves a quick look at Zero from the Mega Man X series and a reminder that Shulk is considered the “only fighter that can change his status during battle.”

10/11/2018 [Super Smash Bros.]

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