Ash will return in the new Pokemon anime, but there's another hero this time


‘Go,’ not to be confused with Pokemon go

The Pokemon Company put out the first real teaser for the next season of the Pokemon anime, and it gives us pretty much all the info we needed: on a base level at least.

As it turns out Ash willreturn, and the show will not be a full reboot. This time he will travel across multiple regions though (not just the new Sword & Shield-based Galar area), and will be accompanied by another protagonist named Go (which might be renamed for the western edition: I hope it’s “Bash”).

In the highlight reel we get a quick look at Ash, side-by-side with Pikachu of course, but Go will be rockingScorbunny: perhaps a hint of his fiery personality. According to the show notes, Go’s main goal is to catch them all (hey mine too!), not necessarily become the master. Maybe Ash should have aimed for that too?

It’s going to be an interesting dynamic seeing them travel together, but I hope the soft reboot rumors are still true in some way. Similarly, if it was a direct continuation with no bells and whistles, it would be nice to see Ash be kind of cocky after his Pokemon Championship win.