Assassin's Creed is sneaking into Fortnite as its newest crossover


The Assassin’s Creed content lands in-game this week

We’ve seen just about every kind of crossover we can imagine into the Fortnite universe, and Epic is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to collaborating with all of our favorite brands and franchises. Recent characters that have crossed over into the game include Spider-Man, Boba Fett, and Vi from Arcane, just to name a few, and now Epic and Ubisoft have announced who the newest characters added to the Fortnite roster will be: Ezio and Eivor from the Assassin’s Creed series.

The collab drops on April 7 at  5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. Ezio’s items will include his Auditore outfit, as well as his signature hidden blades that will operate like a pickaxe (seems like it wouldn’t work quite as well, but I appreciate the artistic liberties). Eivor will have a few different outfits — one is her original, and the other is a “cloaked” version. We’ll also be getting her Raven clan shield and pickaxe. Finally, she will also be getting a Viking War Cry emote.

Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

Coming out from the shadows, assassins Ezio Auditore and Eivor Varinsdottir have arrived.

Read all about these upcoming Outfits arriving on 4/7/2022!

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The items listed above can be purchased individually, or all together in the Tales from the Animus bundle, which includes additional extras such as the Wolf-Kissed Longboat glider, Wolf-Kissed spray, Eivor’s Fury loading screen, Raven Clan emoticon, and a Tales from the Animus banner. No matter how you decide to dive it, it looks like it’s a pretty cool lineup for fans to rep their favorite stealthy adventure game.

I honestly love that all of these crossovers have become a part of Fortnite‘s brand, because it gives everyone an opportunity to play along as their favorite characters. I do have to admit though, after the dozens of collabs over the years, I’m way too overwhelmed with the possibilities, I’m not sure I’d be able to make it past the character selection menu. I have to commend what they’re doing for Ukraine, though, even if the game isn’t always my cup of tea.