Astral Chain guide: Seven tips for beginners


Remember these words every time a mission ends: ‘explore the HQ’

Astral Chainis a Platinum joint, and that means there’s a lot of stuff to memorize.

But like many Japanese action romps, a lot of the complexity lies in your ability to micromanage all of the game’s upgrades and systems, which feed into your combat performance. Here’s a few tips for beginners to help break that all down.

  • If you’re overwhelmed, you can always change the difficulty setting on your main PC (in the HQ) between missions. Ramping down will make things easier in general and grant you more continues (which are basicallydefibrillator charges).
  • Check the challenge menu frequently and claim those rewards! Each time you finish a specific task (like attacking with a certain Legion companion or beating a chapter), the game will reward you with items or bonuses. Press start, go to status, orders, locate the red presents, and open them all. Clicking in the right analog stick sorts your gifts to bring the available ones top the top.
  • Speaking of rewards, diversify your Legion use to get more of them. Try to swap to each Legion once in a mission, even if it’s just for a minute. Everyone is going to have a go-to Legion, but unlocking those rewards will help you buff that ringer.
  • Use field medical items first before you dip into your stock. Field items are denoted by a flower icon in your inventory, and can only be used in that specific mission: once that mission ends, field items are discarded. You can change what item is selected in your quick menu by holding down the X button.

    An easy way to stock up on field items is in the HQ before the mission starts. Comb the two main floors first!

  • Although the medical supply shop is right next to where you begin each chapter (File), the weapon and Legion upgrade vendor is hidden away in the basement. Don’t forget to go there and upgrade! After the tutorial mission early on I completely forgot it existed and didn’t return until File 08.
  • You can wrap your chain around patrolling enemies in stealth sections to stun them. Just get close enough so it reaches: they can’t see the Legion.
  • Keep rumble on! I know some of you might want to play in bed next to your spouse, but if at all possible, rumble helps cue you in on when to press ZL for strong Legion attacks.