Astro Gaming's A03 earbuds are designed with handheld and mobile in mind


Drown out the sound around you

Back when I used to ride the train to work every day, having a good set of small headphones could make or break my commute. They were the difference between enjoying my ride or having to listen to whatever music the dance tropes would blast between Embarcadero and West Oakland. Unfortunately, most of the earbuds I owned didn’t have enough bass to let me fully enjoy the full depth of the sound from my Switch or mobile phone. Clearly, they could have benefited from a second driver, like those found in the Astro A03 In-Ear Monitors.

Designed with mobile and portable gaming in mind, the Astro A03s come equipped with two drivers in each earbud. One is for the bass, and the other covers the mids and highs. The earbuds are compatible with all major consoles and any phone or tablet with a headphone jack, as well as the Astro MixAmp Pro TR.

The Astro A03 In-Ear Monitors are available now for $49.99. They come in White/Purple or Blue/Red.

Astro A03 Gaming Earbuds [Astro Gaming]