Atlus is targeting spring 2020 for Persona 5 Royal's western release


The Phantom Thieves strike again

At the opening of the Catherine/Persona 5 art exhibit in LA today, Atlus announced that Persona 5 Royal (the updated re-release of its hit 2016 RPG) is eyeing a Spring 2020 release window for the west. A very brief new trailer confirms the window, though that’s about it. While that’s a little vague, it at least gives us a better idea of when we’ll finally get our hands on the game. It also makes importing the Japanese version, which releases on October 31, sound enticing.

What with Sony likely to release the PS5 later in the year. It’d only make sense that Atlus would get this out before the new consoles launch as a sort of swan song to Sony’s platform. Any later and this may get overshadowed by the release of Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part Two (which still have no confirmed dates).

Persona 5 Royal launches spring 2020 in the west [Gematsu]