Atlus to launch a game in 2022 that it hopes will be a 'pillar' for the studio


Ambitious plans for the Japanese studio

With 2022 bearing down on us this week, developers and publishers will be gearing up to see that the new year brings them much success and good fortune. Persona publisher Atlus is no exception. And, according to a recent interview, has its hopes and ambitions seemingly focused on a particular mystery title that is currently deep into its production.

Speaking with Famitsu, (as translated by Persona Central) Atlus’ Shinjiro Takada hinted at a major project currently underway at the studio, a title that the team hopes will become a “pillar game” for the company in the new year. Takada goes as far as to suggest that the goal is to create a game that will be “interesting and satisfying for everyone” (though it should be noted that this incredibly lofty description may have lost something of its original intent in translation). Either way, it seems that Atlus has something pretty big lined up for 2022, and given the publisher’s portfolio of excellent franchises, it’s an exciting tease.

Atlus’ “pillar game” could be quite anything, frankly. We already know that the studio is currently working alongside Sega on the mysterious “Project Pen” — an as yet unrevealed title that made its debut via the Australian Game Rating Board back in October. Takada himself is linked with a litany of IPs, including Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey, while Atlus subsidiary Studio Zero is also developing the equally mysterious “Project ReFantasy.” Of course, the new title could be an entirely new project based on a fresh IP. For now, there is little recourse but to wait and see.

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