Atlus turns 30 years old this week


Here’s to 30 more

You could say that I’m an Atlus fan.

I first learned of Atlus proper in the mid-’90s, when my cousin brought over a little old game called Persona. Come to find out I had been playing “Atlus” games, whether developed or published, for several years, and the rest was history.

Founded in April of 1986, Atlus has seen its fair share of troubles. In 2003, it was acquired by a toy company. Three years later — another acquisition. And most famously, in 2013, it was absorbed into Sega Sammy after its parent company had filed for bankruptcy. While many predicted the death of the Atlus brand as we know it, the company seems to be operating a lot like Blizzard under Activision — almost autonomously, like nothing happened.

And that’s how it has been carrying on to this day, with new Shin Megami Tenseiand Personagames in the works, just like always. Happy anniversary, Atlus!