Atomicrops sprouts into early access next week


Exclusive to Epic Games Store

Roguelike farming themed shooter Atomicrops will be launching into early access next week. Arriving on September 5, 2019, the game will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store when it releases. A sliding discount will be on offer for the first week of sale. Starting at 50% off, the discount will lower each day until it hits full price on September 12. If you want to save the max amount, get in early.

As for whether or not you should give this a shot, I had fun with the demo I played at PAX East earlier this year. The charming art style (drawn by Toby Dixon of Nidhogg 2 fame) lends a tremendous amount of personality to what could be considered a Binding of Isaac clone. It was a little too early for me to make any assumptions or claims, but Atomicrops seems like a pretty safe bet if you’re clamoring for another roguelike.