Attention weed-likers: This PS4 theme is hella chill, brahs


Cure your reefer sadness with this discount madness

Got a buck-fifty burning a hole in your pocket? Do you want to show the world you’ve got nothing better to spend a buck-fifty on? Has your mom been asking you what that odd smell in your room is? Then I’ve got the scoop for you, fellow drugs users!

Just in time for everyone’s favorite holiday that Hallmark still hasn’t figured out how to sell cards for, PlayStation Network has a dank deal on this totally tubular dynamic theme. Feast your eyes as you feast on your Doritos upon this, the Happy Reggae Skeleton theme!

To you common, non-weed-doers out there, this may seem like a total waste of time and money — but you’d be dead wrong, Terry! This theme is the ultimate in lifestyle expression, perfect for people who:

  • Don’t immediately turn the station when “Santeria” comes on the radio
  • Can name a Marley other than Bob
  • Are habitually late to their night shift at Target
  • Use the phrase “Fourth Meal” unironically
  • Look at an apple not as a healthy snack, but as an opportunity
  • Are white and own cargo shorts
  • Failed high school math

…and many more!

This theme is technically on sale through May 15, but chances are after tonight you’ll be too sober to care anymore.

Happy Reggae Skeleton HiQ Dynamic Theme [PSN — thanks for the tip, Cheapy D!]