Avalanche kickstarts the robot apocalypse when Generation Zero launches in late March


Artificial Killtelligence

Generation Zerois a game we’ve been keeping our eye on for a while now. Developed by Avalanche Studios, Generation Zerois an atmospheric cooperative romp through ’80s-set Sweden while trying to fend off a robot invasion. This game isn’t left wanting when it comes to unique identifiers.

Although Generation Zerowas first thrust into the spotlight at last year’s E3, it won’t be long before the final product is in our hands. Avalanche announced today that Generation Zerowill launch on March 26 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s set at a sort-of budget price, too; it’ll cost $35 on PC and $40 on consoles.

While we haven’t yet seen a ton of it, Generation Zeroseems like the type of game that could shape up to be something special. It’s advisable to treat this as something of a tactical shooter, placing emphasis on staying stealthy and under the radar. By most every account, Avalanche has nailed the look of late-’80s countryside Sweden. The machines we’ve seen are superbly designed. All this combined meansGeneration Zerocould very well excel at creating memorable moments and encounters.

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