Azure Striker out next month in Japan, working on North American release parity


More like Comcept art…wait, wrong Mega Man clone company

Keiji Inafune’sother notMega Mangame,Azure Striker: Gunvolt, is coming to Japan (via 3DS eShop) on August 20. No word on a specific North American release date. Inti Creates’Takuya Aizu explained through a string of tweets,

We can not announce the release date of GUNVOLT of the NA version. Because we’re novice as a Publisher.We didn’t have taxpayer identification number of US until yesterday. We can’t predict what kind of problem is going to happen in the future.However, we are preparing to be able to release a NA version without delay from the JP version. Please wait for the announcement.”

So here’s a bunch of nice pictures to hold you over.