Battlefield 1 fans solve map mystery to reveal upcoming announcement


‘Never be the same’

A group of Battlefield 1 fans have been hard at work solving a mysterious puzzle within EA’s WWI shooter. Having finally put some of the pieces together, it appears that there is a big reveal on the horizon for the franchise.

The first step required the players to open a locked door on the game’s Fort Vaux map. Once the gained access to the room, marked “Isolement” by activating a specific sequence of hidden buttons, spelling out the aforementioned word. Players can then enter a chamber featuring numerous clues, such as a creepy painting of a horse and some dripping pipes.

Upon further investigation, it has been discovered that the pipes drip in Morse Code, the deciphered code being a website address: “Neverbethesame” with the site itself simply stating “May 23 2018”. What a cool and clever little bit of promotion. There are other elements of the Isolement room that are being worked on by the mystery solvers on the Battlefield Easter Egg Discord.

Obviously it looks like EA have big plans for the popular franchise going ahead. Clearly we will find out more on the fabled date, with more information likely to follow at E3, which takes place in Los Angeles next month.

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