Battlefield 1943 is the latest Xbox One backward compatibility title


Turn back time

Rarely does backward compatibility feel so thematically appropriate. Xbox One users keen to re-experience a bygone era of Xbox 360 games now have a new (but also old!) opportunity to replay a game set 75 years ago.

Battlefield 1943is the newest addition to the Xbox One backward compatibility program. The multiplayer-only shooter was a novel curiosity at the time. Electronic Arts took a risk on a $15 digitally-released Battlefieldthat didn’t have a single-player campaign. It paid off wonderfully. Battlefield 1943was the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade game of 2009.

The timing of this announcement isn’t surprising. Just yesterday, EA formally revealed this year’s Battlefieldgame which also takes place during World War II. There is a noticeable trend of backward compatibility being used as a tangential crutch to support upcoming releases.

But will it be enough to revive Battlefield 1943‘s player base in any meaningful way? We already know that a whole lot of people own the game. It has also been added to the EA Access Vault for anyone who subscribes to that service. This seems like a good time to relive one of the best and most popular XBLA titles.

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