Battlefield V takes the battle back to World War 2, drops premium pass


Tre-five-or Noah

[Update: EA has confirmed to Kotaku that Battlefield V will not feature any loot boxes.]

EA held a reveal event for Battlefield V today and confirmed a whole lot of details. For one, the game will be returning to World War 2 and giving us the classic Axis vs Allies story we’ve seen a hundred times before. In addition to that, Battlefield V will have a campaign mode and co-op support, though I’m not entirely certain if co-op is a separate mode. The real bombshell was that BFV will not be sporting a “Premium Pass,” so all additional maps and modes will be free.

Curiously, BFV doesn’t seem to have a battle royale mode. This could end up getting revealed at E3 to shock everyone, but there wasn’t much time given to any of the multiplayer modes coming in BFV apart from co-op. In fact, a whole lot of details, in general, weren’t really talked about. We know that weapon and vehicle customization is going to play a big part and there was talk of things like an “overhauled movement system” and a “family focus within the campaign.” Is BFV’s campaign Deadpool 2?

The other big thing that EA talked about was the “Tides of War” mini-campaign thing. I’m not sure if this is the actual single-player component or not, but there was a descriptor of “Evolving Live Service Journey” that made me a little weary. I don’t think I can take yet another game with endless amounts of content. Parts of Scandinavia and Africa were also shown, so this doesn’t seem to be limited to the European front.

As for any tidbits about characters or settings, we mostly have speculation. I’m going to assume this is an alternative history story like Battlefield 1 since the lady in the trailer is sporting a prosthetic arm. There is also a shot of an enemy with a samurai sword, which could confirm the Pacific Theater as a part of this game. You can see for yourself in the trailer, which doesn’t show off a lot of gameplay.

Battlefield V will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will launch on October 16 for the “Deluxe Edition” and October 19 for the standard version.