Be careful if you're buying another Nintendo Switch dock


They’re reportedly shoddier than the original

While I adored my time with the Switch, one of my biggest problems was how cheaply the dock component was crafted. It’s wobbly at times, and although I haven’t had any major problems getting my Switch in and out (some report scratching), the thing just doesn’t feel quality in any way, shape, or form.

The folks over at Nintendo Life unfortunately discovered that the extra $60 (!) dock ($90 with cables) has the potential to be even worse. Reportedly, they ordered two for testing, and found that they were wrapped poorly in bubble wrap, and the Switch was even more snug in the device — which caused fears that it might scratch the unit. Nintendo support is taking them back and shipping them new ones, but those also might have the same problem. As of the time of this writing the docks have been taken off the official site (the only place to get them) — the official reason Nintendo gave us is that it’s “out of stock.”

While all of these launch woes are no red ring of death disaster, they’re all a bunch of little things that add up. The growing pains of being an early adopter!

Don’t Buy Another Switch Dock Just Yet [Nintendo Life]