Beard View: Final Fantasy Explorers


‘You’ve got your Cid guy here that looks like a Mario. He just laughs at you I guess.’

The first Persona 5 trailer is out and the internet is abuzz about where one of the world’s most fashionable JRPG series may be headed. It’s a perfect time to take a look at one of the founding titles in the JRPG sub-genre; good oldFinal Fantasy.

I wonder if Persona will ever get up up to it’s 15th core series game? Like Final Fantasy, Persona has already had plenty of spin-offs, which is sometimes a sign that a series will live long enough to someday divide its fan base. It may just be a matter of time before people start complaining that the latest Persona game is “Persona in name only” and that the games haven’t been any good since Persona 9.

As we ponder these questions, lets enjoy some time with Jed as he shows us Final Fantasy Explorers, a game that may never leave the shores of Japan.