Best Buy exclusive Meta Knight amiibo may be getting a restock this summer


It seems likely, but still a rumor

Multiple sources over at Reddit have been talking of a Meta Knight amiibo restock at Best Buy, which will evidently happen this summer. If rumors are true, there will be new stock handed over to the retailer at an undisclosed date. Let the insanity begin.

While this is still just a rumor, I can say with confidence that confirmed top members of Best Buy staff are known for posting on the amiibo subreddit. And not with bogus info — with legitimate “heads up, these SKUs are getting ready for pre-order in a few minutes (and then they do)” tips.

Even if it does happen, it’ll probably be just as batshit crazy as the launch of the first stock. Meta Knight is actually a funny figure, since he was up for pre-order for weeksbefore the amiibo craze hit, readily available for in-store and online orders. Once people caught on somewhere into the start of Wave 2, he was taken offline and was nowhere to be found. I fully expect this “restock” to arrive with a whimper, bringing the exact same madness.

Same thing with the Marth restock in May that Nintendo is so proud about. Without any sort of plan in place for Nintendo to control orders, they will likely go to internet savvy individuals and scalpers alike. At that point people will be angrier than they were at an ill-timed Easter tweet.

Breaking! Meta Knight will be getting a restock after all, this summer! [Reddit]