Best Cyber Monday gaming laptops deals: HP Omen, Lenovo Legion, and more


From VR-ready to budget friendly

If you still haven’t found a gaming laptop to your liking this past Black Friday, you’ll have a second chance of sort thanks to Cyber Monday. We’ve rounded up all the current best (and in-stock) gaming laptop deals for Cyber Monday this year. You’ll find everything from HP Omen lineup, to Lenovo’s Legion laptops, and even value-oriented machines priced from $600 to $650.

In the HP Omen camp, we are in an interesting transition year where the older 2016 models are being cleared out to make room for the 2017 and beyond chassis/styling. Interestingly enough, HP has actually raised the price on the 2016 models listed below by about 7% since Black Friday. Conversely, the newer 2017 models have all gotten an additional price drop, making the base model with a RX 550 only $729.99.

At Lenovo, prices are decent for the customizable configurations, but you should note that these are shipping significantly later than the quick-ship model (2-3 weeks out). Because of this, our pick for the Legion Y520 would be the $749 model with a SSD & HDD combo. For the Y720, the $1,000 model with a GTX 1060 and Quad Core i7 will run most modern games without a sweat.

Further down the list, you’ll see the budget-friendly machines that start at $599 for a Dell Inspiron 15 with GTX 1050, and similarly configured MSI and HP Power laptop for $650. Everything listed below (including the aforementioned budget machines) have 1080p display, though a few of them aren’t IPS panels.

Update: Prices below are updated for Cyber Week promotion, with select few actually going cheaper (e.g. the Pavilion Power is now only $599 flat).

Under $700 Gaming Laptops

HP Omen Gaming Laptop Deals

    Mid-2017 Omen Laptop Models

    2016 Omen Laptop Models

    Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop Deals

    Legion Y520 (15-inch)

    Legion Y720 (17-inch)

    Dell Inspiron and Alienware Gaming Laptop Deals


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      If you scan the list above, you’ll see a quick pattern emerging where GPU choices are dominated by the GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1060. Both are popular picks among OEMs and both will run modern games well, whereas machine with a GTX 1060areclassified as VR-ready. To get a better idea of the performances on the GPU choices above for its corresponding laptop, check the list below for benchmark and details.

      Gaming Laptop GPU Details

      Suffice to say, the higher model numbers give you more performance but will also cost you quite a bit more in the price tag. We think the sweet spot is the GTX 1050, while for those with the budget, picking a GTX 1060 equipped gaming laptop lets you expand your gaming choices and most likely adds more life to your machine.

      There are actually GTX 1070 and 1080 laptops available “on sale” during Cyber Monday, but many of these machines are approahing or eclipse the $2,000 price tag and to be honest, we don’t really consider any discount on these to be deals as you’re paying a significant price premium for a gaming laptop with a high-end GPU (due to the bulk and the cooling that usually accompanies such a machine).

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