Bethesda and Rebel Distillers are making Doom 'Bone Vodka'


Rip and tear and chug

It’s always funny, to me, how far some publishers will go to promote upcoming titles. This latest one reminds me a bit of that weird Resident Evil 7 candle Capcom made. Bethesda and Rebel Distillers are teaming up to create Doom “Bone Vodka,” which I swear is not some innuendo for spending a night with your mom. No, this is a real drink made from the marrow of beef bones to create a “smoky, peppery” finish to the drink.

In a blog on the company’s website, Rebel Distillers co-founder Matt McGivern explained, “We’re tapping into one of the world’s favorite hobbies, video games, to offer a unique perspective in spirit production. Doom Eternal is a world of flames and demons, a barbecue pit with action – a smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance.” I suppose there are worse reasons to throw back a few.

The bone vodka is said to be made from a wheat spirit base. After roasting and smoking beef bones (which I guess the Doom Slayer does?), the marrow is extracted and soaked in grain alcohol. Everything then gets distilled in a vacuum still to add back to the drink. The final product is stated to have a “dry, earthy start” that gives way to an “umami and buttery feel on the tongue” with a “smoky, peppery” finish. I have no idea how any of that equates to what Doom offers, but more power to Rebel Distillers.

Bottles will be available in limited quantities ahead of Doom Eternal’s November 22 release date. A 700ml bottle will go for $55 USD with the first batch being shipped out around the end of this month. I’d imagine more will be produced up to the game’s release, so you won’t need to rush out to grab some.

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