Bethesda reveals more information for Fallout 76's microtransactions



I just can’t get that excited for Fallout 76. Even with the insistence that there’s a single player game buried in there somewhere, the idea of playing a half-multiplayer half-not game is just…too fence sitting in theory. If it were a full-on real Fallout 5with optional multiplayer elements I’d be on board, but for now I’m cautious.

Part of that caution is due to Bethesda’s injection of microtransactions, funneled through a currency called “Atoms.” Speaking to Major Nelson in an Xbox interview (read: puff piece), Pete Hines notes that Atoms will be “thrown around” constantly, and the currency will be “limited” in that you can only buy cosmetics. Strangely it was also confirmed that the Xbox One version will sport 500 Atoms right off the bat.

If RMTs (real money transactions) in this multiplayer-centric affair are actually limited to cosmetics that’s one less worry off the table, but it doesn’t really instill confidence for a series that never needed them in the first place.