Bethesda reveals Starfield, its first wholly-original franchise in 25 years


And not a whole lot else

Bethesda gave us a glimpse into the far future tonight. It’s working on a new game called Starfieldwhich it says is its first wholly-original franchise of the past 25 years.

Apart from this brief teaser, we don’t know much about Starfield. It’s single-player and it won’t release soon. When director Todd Howard described it, he phrased things so as to suggest this game will launch for the next generation of consoles. Howard also said Bethesda has spent “years thinking about and working on” and that the developer is “uniquely positioned to pull [this game] off.”

Starfieldwill probably be a big deal at some future E3. But at E3 2018, it’s just a quick mention to put everyone on notice.