Bethesda will further tweak Fallout 76's public event system for the better


Patch 14

Bethesda introduced the upgraded public event system in Fallout 76very recently, and the response has been pretty positive so far. With a free fast travel discount and more frequent events (and timed chaining of said events) it’s a lot easier to just run around the map and have fun: a novel concept for a very rocky open world romp.

They’re not done tweaking them though, and in Patch 14 will seek to lower the timer even further between events, so players can go from activity to activity even quicker. According to the developer, the timer will be decreased “significantly.” Another round of alterations are coming, though Bethesda is being mum on what that is beyond the previously confirmed loot enhancements.

But that’s all PVE stuff, maybe you enjoy PVP. Starting October 1, Bethesda will be moving the survival (PVP) mode into a 1.0 of sorts, as the beta will end on that date. It’s a nominal change for sure, but it shows Bethesda’s commitment to the gametype; as opposed to Bungie who ranDestiny 2‘s “guided games” in beta form for roughly two years. Live service games, am I right?!

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