Big in Japan: Minecraft and, uh, Battlefield 4


Japan’s most downloaded PSN games of 2014

Sony Japan unveiled its most downloaded PSN games of 2014 by system and the results, well, maybe they won’t surprise you, but they surprised me.

Minecrafttook top spot on PS3 and Vita. Maybe not so surprising. D4 and Deadly Premonitiondirector Swery noted that one of the things that kept him from playing Dragon Age: Inquisitionwas a Minecraftupdate.

But the most downloaded PS4 game? Battlefield 4. Followed by FIFA 14and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Is this like the thing with Canada being stuck in the 90’s. I know Japan didn’t even get the console until February of 2014, but c’mon. I guess a month and half of Advanced Warfareavailability couldn’t beat 10 months of little else to do with the thing but scrounge up Ghosts.

Minecraft-ish Terrariatook second place on Vita, followed by Freedom Wars. Meanwhile How to Survive, a random game my friend kept badgering to buy on Steam to play with him, was the second best selling downloadable PS3 game. Followed by Resident Evil 5(which is horrible, of course). Biohazard 4represent in the 5 spot! Destinyplaced five on PS4.

There’s a helpful, full English translation of all 3 top 20 lists at PSN Stores.