Black Bird, the next Onion Games joint, is hitting Switch and PC this summer


Take these broken wings and learn to fly

Two of the best mobile games of 2017 originated from Onion Games, a indie studio run by Little King’s Story producer/director Yoshiro Kimura. BothDandy Dungeon and Million Onion Hotelcharmed the socks off me at launch and continue to be games I play on a regular basis. Hopefully Black Bird, the studio’s newest project, will manage to do the same.

This side-scrolling shooter, which judging by the trailer below has a dark story to match the somber art direction, will be playable at the annual BitSummit Festival in Japan next week. After that, it’s expected to arrive on Switch, PC, and Mac sometime this Summer. The video below is a prototype version of the game from 2016.

The fact this is a new title from Onion Games has sold me already, but if that video is indicative of the final product, I know Black Bird will find a comfortable home on my Switch.

Scrolling Shooter Black Bird Will Blast A Path Of Destruction On Switch [Nintendo Life]